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There are two basic types of parts in Enigmo 2: the Dynamic parts and the Static parts. Dynamic parts are the ones that appear on the left side of the screen in the player's Inventory list, and these are the parts that the user manipulates during the game to solve puzzles. The Static parts are those that are only moveable in Edit mode. The Static parts are what build the levels of the game such as walls, blocks, droppers, etc.

Dynamic Parts List

Particle Cannon

When water or plasma droplets enter the cannon they are accelerated to fast speeds.

Soft Drum

These drums will bounce water and plasma droplets. They have the minimum bounce of all the drums.

Hard Drum

Same as the Soft Drum, but the bounce effect is greater.

Booster Drum

This drum has an amplifying boost - the droplets bounce off the drum with more velocity than when they hit the drum. This is also the only drum that will reflect laser beams.


A Pyramid shaped piece with multiple bounce surfaces. Also reflects lasers.


A slide for moving water droplets.


A mirror for reflecting laser beams.

Drip Sponge

When water droplets hit this they are absorbed and then start to drip out the bottom of the sponge. Note: even if droplets have reverse gravity after hitting a Gravity Inverter (see below), they will return to normal gravity when dripping out of the sponge.

Magneto Sphere

These are used to direct the plasma droplets. The magnetic attraction causes plasma droplets to be attracted to them.

Static Parts List

Force Field Doors

These openings have force-fields that can only be turned off by causing a droplet or laser beam to pass through a Door Key.

Door Keys

When droplets or lasers pass through the hoop the Force Field Door of the matching color will be deactivated.


These are spherical force-fields that are turned off when a droplet or laser beam passes through a Sphere Key.

Shield Tubes

When droplets or lasers pass through the tube the matching Shield will be deactivated.

Water Dropper

These create water droplets.

Plasma Dropper

These create plasma particles.

Laser Emitter

These shoot laser beams.

Water Tank

You need to fill these up with water droplets.

Plasma Tank

You need to fill these up with plasma particles.

Laser Tank

You need to direct the laser beams into these.


Funnels water droplets.

Gravity Inverter

When water droplets hit this they fall up instead of down. If they hit another Inverter then they return to falling down. The Drip Sponge will also switch them to fall downwards.

Hot Parts

These parts absorb and stop any particles or laser beams that hit them.


These button switches are used to turn on the Laser, Plasma, and Water droppers. The droppers will always be on if there are no switches in a puzzle, but if a switch exists then the dropper will not be active until the switch is activated. Switches can be activated either by hitting them with droplets or laser beams.


Anything that enters a teleporter will be teleported to its matching sister teleporter elsewhere in the level. Water, Plasma, and Laser beams all work with the teleporters. There are two colors of teleporters, anything entering the blue teleporter will exit the other blue teleporter. Same for the bronze teleporters.

Jaggy Plank

Construction plank with jaggy bouncing spikes on it.

Shiny Plank

Construction plank that is shiny so it will reflect laser beams.

Matte Plank

Construction that has a matte finish so it will not reflect laser beams.


Construction elements used to cap off planks or build various structures.


Construction elements that are shiny and will reflect laser beams.

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