Instruction Manual


Enigmo 2 is mostly controlled by the mouse, especially if you have a 3-button mouse. However, there are many keyboard shortcuts that make playing and editing levels much easier. Here is the list:

Right / Left Arrows

When a part is selected this will rotate it clockwise / counter-clockwise in 1/16th steps.

Right / Left Arrows + CTRL

Same as above, but in 1/64th steps.

Command + Arrows

Shifts all parts in the scene up/down/right/left.


Deletes the currently selected part.

Command + Delete

Deletes all Dynamic parts in the current level. It does not delete any Static parts.

Option + Command + Delete

Same as above, but in Edit mode it will also delete all Dynamic parts, thereby clearing the entire level.

Tab + Click on Prev/Next Level buttons

Skips by 10 levels in Edit mode.

Command + Q

Immediately Quits the Enigmo 2 application.


Causes the game's Preferences dialog to appear.


As long as the Shift key is held down, objects will Snap to Grid. This is a quick, temporary way to align objects on the grid rather than clicking the Snap to Grid button and then unclicking it.


Toggles the Music ON/OFF

- / =

Lower / Raise Volume


Toggles Snap-To-Grid (same as clicking on icon)


Toggles Axis Mode between Rotate/Move (same as clicking on icon).


Reset selected part's rotation (same as clicking on icon).


Reset camera to initial position (same as clicking on icon).


Pause game & bring up menu.


In Edit mode this Copies the current level into a copy buffer for pasting (see below).

In Edit mode this Pastes the current copy buffer into the current level.

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