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The levels in Enigmo 2 have a combination of Water, Plasma, and Lasers.  Your goal is to figure out how to get the water droplets into the water containers, the plasma particles into the plasma containers, and the laser beams into the laser containers. Once all the containers are full with a count of 50 then you have won the level. The faster you accomplish this the more bonus points you will receive.


On the left side of the screen is your Parts Inventory Palette that contains the puzzle pieces that you have to work with for the current level. Next to each part icon is a number indicating how many of that part you currently have in your inventory. A dimmed part icon indicates that there is none available. Each time you use a part its inventory count will go down. If you delete a part from the puzzle it will be added back to the inventory.

To take a part from your Inventory and add it to the puzzle simply click on the part's icon in the palette, and drag it into the scene. To delete a part from the puzzle and put it back into the Inventory, first click on the part in the scene to select it, and then press the Delete key. Here is a movie showing this in action:


If you have played the original Enigmo game then you're already familiar with the fundamentals of moving the camera and puzzle pieces in the game. However, in Enigmo 2 we've added a 3rd dimension to the game, so now everything can be moved in true 3D space. If you have a 3-button mouse (recommended) then you can do everything using the mouse's buttons, but if you have a standard Apple one-button mouse then you use a combination of the mouse and the keyboard to move, rotate, and zoom the camera.

Panning the Camera Up / Down / Left / Right

With a 3-button mouse you simply click the Middle mouse button and drag. Or, from the keyboard you hold down the Command key and drag:

Zooming the Camera In / Out

With a 3-button mouse you spin the mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in/out. Otherwise, from the keyboard hold down the Option key and drag the mouse up/down to zoom in/out.

Rotating the Camera

With a 3-button mouse you click the Right mouse button and drag. Otherwise, from the keyboard hold down the CTRL key and drag. If you ever get the camera totally rotated out of whack you can simply press the Reset Camera button at the bottom of the screen.

IMPORTANT TIP: To set the center of rotation for the camera, simply click on any solid object in the scene. Now when you rotate the camera it will swivel around that point.


There is an entire section of this instruction manual dedicated to moving and aligning the puzzle pieces, but to get you quickly going here is some basic information:

Moving a Puzzle Piece

To Move a part simply click and drag on it. If you are in "Move-Arrows" mode, then you can click on an arrow to move the part along that arrow's direction.

In Move-Arrows mode you can just click and drag on the part to move it, or you can click on the arrows to move the part only along that axis.
In Rotation-Rings mode you will see the selected part's rotation ring(s). You can still move the part by just dragging it.
When you click and drag on a part to move it, you are moving it left/right/up/down. To move a part forward or backwards you need to rotate the camera around to the side and then click-drag it from there. This is covered in detail with examples in the Moving Puzzle Pieces section.

Rotating a Puzzle Piece

To rotate a part, select it, and then click and drag on one of the rotation rings (see above image). You can also use the left/right arrow keys to rotate the selected part clockwise / counter-clockwise.

By default, only the current axis's rotation ring is visible, and this works the same way that the movement arrows do: as you spin the camera around the selected part, the ring will change so that you can rotate it on the current view's axis. However, in the game's Preferences Dialog you can change this setting so that all 3 rotation rings are visible at all times (as in the image above). This makes it easier to rotate on any axis from any camera angle.


The puzzle is complete when all of the Containers are full with a count of 50. If you move something in the puzzle which causes droplets or lasers to stop entering the container, then after a few seconds that container will start to empty and the counter will go down. The level is only complete when all of the containers are totally full at 50 and they stay that way.

When the level is completed you will receive the bonus points. Whatever remains in the Bonus Timer will be added to your score. Additionally, if you have any unused parts still remaining in your inventory, you will receive 2000 points for each one!

When you complete all 50 levels you will be asked to enter your name into the High Scores list. However, if you won in Kiddie mode then you will not be allowed to add your name to the High Scores. Additionally, High Scores only apply to winning the built-in levels, not if you win your own Custom levels.

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