Strategy Guide: Tracks


• The best car for this track is the Hot Rock. If you lose the race while driving this car then you should be ashamed of yourself. No, seriously, this is the best car. If your opponents also choose the Hot Rock then you may have a hard time, but otherwise, this car is great for this track.

• Arrowhead locations...



• Even though this is only the 2nd track in the game, this is one of the hardest when played in Tournament mode. It is a very bumpy track, so a car with good suspension and traction is important. The recommended car is the Geode Cruiser, slow but stable.

• One good trick to eliminate a pesky opponent is to try to knock them into the water-filled ditch on the right side of the road toward the end of the lap. It is difficult to do, and you have to avoid getting yourself knocked in there, but if you can knock a CPU player into the ditch they are as good as eliminated.

• Hitting the lava spray will slow you down for 5 seconds. To neutralize this effect, get the Nitro powerups which are in the Lava area. This will restore you to near-normal speed.

• This is probably the most critical level for getting the Sticky Tires powerups. Get every one of them that you can.

• Arrowhead locations...




• Your first thought is probably to use the Geode Cruiser on this track since it has such good traction and the ice is slippery. Well, that is true for novice players, but in reality you're going to wipe out a lot on this track no matter what car you choose. The best attribute for recovering from a wipe out is acceleration, therefore, the Turtle Tank is actually the preferred car for this track. You'll need to gather as many Super Suspension and Nitro Powerups as you can find, but you should have no problems recovering quickly from the many crashes you are going to experience.

• Right before you get to the finish line is a loop. You do not need to take this loop unless you are hunting for arrowheads in Tournament mode. Just slow down before you get to the loop and then fall down onto the lower path, this will save you several seconds of track time. The CPU cars almost always take this short cut, so to keep up with them you will need to take it as well. 

• Don't use the Nitro on the blue ice! You have much better traction on the white snow or brown dirt, so only Nitro there.

• Arrowhead locations...




• Create is a fairly easy level with the exception of getting the Arrowhead that is near the Goddess statues. The best way to get that arrowhead is to do the following:1) Avoid entering that area alone - always drive in there with other cars. That way, the Goddesses will be distracted and attack other cars and not just you. 2) Always grab the Sticky Tires powerup which is at the entrance to that area. If you do get hit by a Goddess this will minimize the loss of control. 3) Always drive a straight and fast path directly towards the arrowhead. Do not turn around if you miss it, just keep going. You've got to get in and out of that area as fast as you can or the Goddesses will blast you to bits.

• The Obelisk car is the best car for this track, however, the Trojan Horse works great as well.

• Arrowhead locations...

The Great Wall

• China is almost certainly the most difficult track in the game to win in Tournament Mode, and the best car to use is the Obelisk.

• The Gongs that you see placed on the track in some places are magical gongs. When you drive through them all of your powerups will be doubled! You will get 2x the quantity of whatever weapon you currently have, 2x the Sticky Tires time, and 2x the Super Suspension Time.

• Suspension is very important on this track since the walls are steep and tight. Expect to ride up on the walls quite a bit. Just go with the flow and you'll do better than if you constantly try to avoid hitting the walls.

• Be extra careful when using the Nitros on this track. There are a lot of turns and turns and nitros don't mix.

• The arrowheads are difficult to find on this track because many of them are actually behind you as you drive. See the map for help...


• This is probably the easiest track in the entire game. You really should be able to win this track with any car, blindfolded. The only trick is in Tournament mode because many of the Arrowheads are hard to find:


• This is a fairly difficult track to win, so vehicle selection is critical. You need a fast car with good traction, therefore, the Catapult is the recommended choice.

• There are a lot of shortcuts in this track, but some shortcuts will cause you to miss an Arrowhead in Tournament mode. Therefore, it is a good idea to try and get all of the Arrowheads on the first lap, and then to take all of the shortcuts over the hills on the next two laps.

• The best way to avoid being hit by the catapult is to stay close to them. They cannot hit you if you are too close. However, the cannons will shoot you no matter how close you are to them, so for those it is best to just get away as fast as you can.

• Arrowhead locations...

Viking Village

• The map of this track makes it look more difficult than it is. As with the China track, just remember to hit the brakes and let off the gas when you go into a tight turn.

• Most of the Arrowheads are found in the villages, so be careful to look among the boats, huts, and other obstacles.


• Since every player drives the same submarine, nobody has an advantage over anyone else. This makes it imperative that you shoot your opponents with the torpedoes, and you need to use the zapping speed boosters whenever you can.

• All of the Arrowheads are found on the sea floor; some are hard to see.