Strategy Guide: Battle Tips

• In Survival mode, all of the cars take damage equally. The big Geode Cruiser is just as frail as the Logmobile, so don't just pick the Geode Cruiser because it looks tough. It won't protect you from enemy fire any better than any other car.


• In the Stonehenge arena there is a Druid in the middle of the track. Every time you touch the Druid you get 20 seconds of Sticky Tires, 20 seconds of Super Suspension, and 20 of whatever weapon you currently are holding. Therefore, a good strategy is to pick up 1 Roman Candle and then touch the Druid. Now you have 20 Roman Candles to blast away with!


Touch the Druid to get lots of stuff!

• When playing Quest For Fire mode, it is always a good idea to steal one of your opponent's torches whenever you drop one of your torches at your base. Take the enemy's torch and hide it somewhere. He can still see it on his map, but you can at least make it inconvenient for him to go get.


• Try to get to the top of the big pyramid in the Aztec battle arena. The best weapons are there. Here is the trick to getting to the top of the pyramid: get a Nitro powerup and then head to the side of the pyramid with the ramp. Activate the Nitro and that'll give you enough speed to make it to the top.