Bugdom 2



The tasks to complete on this level are:

1. Find the Moth Balls to get by the Moths.

2. Get all of the special red clovers which are on the hangers.

3. Find the two computer chips and the battery to open the electronic door.


  • Many people have a hard time finding the Moth Balls which are needed to get past the moths. The first moth balls are high up on top of a stack of boxes (see map below).
  • Getting the red clovers is pretty easy once you've found the spider web trampoline that's really high up to start at. Before doing this, it is best to get as much flight power as you can since even with a full load of flight power you will barely be able to get all of the red clovers before running out.
  • The last area is very difficult. You cannot kill the Computer Bugs, so just avoid them. You need to attach the two computer chips and the battery to the door before it will open.

This map will show the locations of all of the important items in the level:

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