When you're attacked by the spear-carrying ants, here's a useful strategy for avoiding their projectiles. Charge in their direction, and watch them carefully. A moment before they hurl their spear at you, they'll aim. At that moment, dodge to one side or the other. They'll throw their spears at the spot where you were standing. Then you can sneak up next to them or behind them as they're recovering their spears and kick them, or run away.


The Fire Ants are everywhere in this level and there are walls of fire and pools of lava. There is also some leaky plumbing down in the Ant Hill and if you can find the water valves you can cause the pipes to burst and flood certain areas. Causing these floods will extinguish some fires and allow you to pass.

Falling into the lava is deadly, but luckily there are swinging roots hanging from the ceiling which you can jump on to swing across the lava pools.


Level 9 Map

This level is extremely dangerous and if you are playing to win, then our advice is that you don't stop to smell the roses. In other words, don't waste time picking up too many powerups and rescuing too many Lady Bugs. You really just want to get out of this level as quickly as you can unless you really think you're up to the challenge and have a good supply of Free Lives remaining.

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