Note that some enemies cannot harm you, or harm you less when you are rolled into a ball, therefore if you are under heavy attack you may want to roll into a ball and get out of there.


The Bee Hive level is the first indoor level, and there are many new enemy types here. There are also "doors" which the Worker Bees have graciously attached firecrackers and dynamite to. To open these doors, simply jump on the detonator plunger to set off the firecracker which in turn explodes the door. Then just jump thru the hole in the door.

There are many Worker Bees in this level. If you approach a Worker Bee as the ball, then they will try to pound you with their fists, however, if you are not in ball form then they will turn around and fire their stinger at you. A good strategy with these guys is to trick them into shooting at you by running by them quickly. They will usually miss when you do this, but like all good Bees, they die after shooting their stinger.


Level 6 Map

Floating in the honey lakes are chunks of honeycomb which you will need to jump on. There are three types of honeycomb platforms. The red ones will sink as you stand on them, but they will eventually resurface when you get off them. The wooden platforms move and are difficult to get on, so you will need to practice your jumping timing to get good at this. The steel platforms won't sink and don't move and are thus easy to deal with.

When jumping from one moving platform to another, don't get impatient. You must take your time and carefully plan your timing when you jump. Falling into the honey is deadly.

Inside the Hive are lots of little Bee Larvae. You can either kick these guys or just jump on them to squish them.

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