Bugdom hint of the day:

Remember that no points are awarded for killing enemies. If an enemy is being a pest, it may be better to simply avoid him rather than trying to kill him. Some of the bugs are very difficult to fight against and are simply better off being avoided rather than confronted.


Level 4: Forest

The Giant Feet are a pain, but look for their pattern. Like the Slugs, these enemies will never actually come after you, they simply follow a path on the ground, so just watch for the path and avoid it whenever possible.


Level 4 Map

When you see a Dragonfly, get on it to fly. Don't fly above the wooden fence or the bat will get you. Stay below the fence and you'll be safe, but keep an eye out for bees and spiders coming down on threads. Its fun to strafe ants and other critters on the ground, but be careful because this can often distract you and get you in trouble with other flying insects. After getting your first Dragonfly you will be looking for a checkpoint high up on a fence.

After you have found the high checkpoint you should proceed down the hallway on foot. You will soon get to another Dragonfly. Hop on him and turn 180 degrees. You will notice a short wall of thorn you can fly over. This will take you down a long narrow tunnel with lots of flying Bees and Spiders. If you can make it to the end of the tunnel you will see the Exit Log.

All over this level are Spiders which climb down on threads and will shoot their webs at you. Don't even attempt a fight with these bugs - they're way more powerful than Rollie. When you see a Spider... run!

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