Bugdom hint of the day:

Use the Jump key to hop over small water patches or to quickly hop across large lakes of water.

Level 2: Lawn

This level has lots of water areas that you will need to swim in. The Ants cannot swim, so if you knock an Ant into the water he will drown. The keys to the doors in this level are often very far away from the doors themselves, so you will have to do a lot of exploring in this level.


Level 2 Map

You will want to be on the Ball a lot on this level. The level is very large and there are lots of those annoying Boxer Flies. Being on the Ball will help you quickly cover long distances and to bash a lot of Boxer Flies to clear out areas of enemies.

The purple key is probably the hardest key to find in this level even though its "right there." This key is right next to the checkpoint, behind the big boulder and some clovers.

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