Clicking the mouse button does a turbo-boost when you are the ball. However, using the turbo boost uses up ball time at a faster rate, so you dont want to go crazy with it. Also, if you are using the mouse, the turbo boost really doesnt help much since its easy to get to full speed by just moving the mouse quickly, and that doesnt cost any extra ball time. The turbo boost is really only useful for people using the keyboard or gamepads since they don't have the analog sensitivity control that the mouse has.


King Thorax lives in this room of the Ant Hill. He has a magic staff which shoots deadly accurate fireballs and he is virtually invincible. Luckily, there are a lot of old rusty pipes in his lair. If you ram into a pipe it will likely burst open and start spraying water. To defeat King Thorax, you need to lure him close to a pipe and then burst it open on him. The water spray will extinguish King Thorax's fire and for a short time he will be mortal. It is during these few seconds that you must attack him.

You will want to avoid getting too close to the other Fire Ants in this level. If you get a battle going with both the Fire Ants and King Thorax you will end up with too much on your hands and will most likely get fried. Only try to battle one of these guys at a time.

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