Many people like to play the game with gamepads or even joysticks. This works well, but to get the most accurate control over the player, we highly recommend using the mouse to control Rollie. In addition, we highly recommend using the Shift key to make him walk. Using the mouse for turning and subtle forward-backward motion, and using the Shift key for walking is really the best way to play.

Level 1: Training

Level 1

There are very few enemies at the start of this level since it is mainly designed to get the player used to the game. The Slugs are not as dangerous as they appear. They only follow paths on the ground and will never actually hunt you down or come after you. Also note that the Slugs cannot be destroyed and are invincible to the Buddy Bugs.


Level 1 Map

The keys on this level are all placed fairly close to the doors that need them. The key to the first door is in the nut right in front of the door. You will encounter some Ants when you pass the first door. The Ants are difficult to kill. You will need to knock them down twice to kill them. Either roll up and slam into them, or just give them a good kick. It's a good practice to simply avoid the Ants everywhere in the game - they're just too tough to make killing them worth it. The easiest way to kill an Ant is by launching a Buddy Bug at them. The Buddy Bugs will kill an Ant immediately.

The Boxer Flies are few in number on this level, but the best strategy to use with them is to wait for them to get really close and then kick them. They go down with just one kick. Timing is very important. If you kick and miss, then the Boxer Fly will most likely take a solid punch at you and send you flying.

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