Billy Frontier is an arcade style action game with a "cowboys in space" theme. You get to fight in duels, shootouts, stampedes, etc. It's the kind of game you'll want to pick up and play whenever you get that twitch to just shoot something and blow stuff up!

The best way to see what Billy Frontier is all about is to just download the game and try it out!

Billy Frontier is a little bloodier than most of our games, but it's still all done as comedy so enjoy!



There are no hard-set system requirements for this game since there are so many possible system configurations. The minimum requirements for the game to be "playable" would be:

• 500mhz G3/G4
• 128MB RAM
• ATI Rage 128 w/ 8MB VRAM*
• MacOS 10.2 or higher**

* It is highly encourged that you have a faster 3D card such as an ATI Radeon with at least 16MB of VRAM, but at 640x480 / Thousands of colors, the game should run (slowly) on an old Rage 128.

** Billy Frontier is a Carbon application, so it will also run on Mac OS 9.2.2, however, we do not support it on OS 9 and it might experience some problems. OS X is highly recommended. Additionally, it might also run on OS 10.1, but we do not support that either because we consider 10.1 unstable and Billy Frontier can cause the OS to lock up fairly frequently.