In addition to games, Pangea Software also develops photographic utilities for the Mac including PanoPreviewer, Bracketeer, and now the Astro Filter Pack. This set of free software filters is desinged for amateur astronomers doing video astronomy. Typically, such astronomers use standard video processing software that only lets them control the basic gamma, brightness, contrast, etc. These adjustments are simply not adequate for astronomy, so we have developed a specialzed set of filters which are pure magic!

For example, below is a before & after screenshot showing how effective our Astro Filters can be. On the left is the raw video coming from a Mallincam camera, and on the right is the live image after filtering it:

3.3 sec. integration with a Mallincam on an 11" scope is barely visible.
The exact same video processed live through the Astro Filter Pack!

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