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The goal in this game is to defend your power stations against bombardment by incoming warheads. There are 4 sectors, and each is equipped with three rocket launchers that will fire interceptor rockets at the incoming warheads. If a warhead hits one of the power station buildings it will be destroyed. When all of the buildings in a sector are destroyed, then the sector is destroyed. The game ends when all four sectors have been destroyed.


Warheads is primarily played with the mouse. If you have a 3-button mouse then you can do all of your firing with the 3 buttons. Otherwise, if you have just a single-button mouse, then you can use the keyboard to fire your rockets.


Move the rocket aiming target

Left Mouse Button / CTRL Key

Fire left rocket launcher

Middle Mouse Button / Option Key

Fire middle rocket launcher

Right Mouse Button / Command Key

Fire right rocket launcher


Pause the game


When you launch a rocket it will take off and head toward the target point that you set with the mouse. When it reaches that point it will explode and leave a burning cloud of fire for several seconds. If any incoming warhead that hits the fireball while it is hot will be destroyed.

A rocket exploding - any warheads hitting this will be destroyed.

Each launcher has a maximum number of rockets that it can fire. When the launcher runs out of rockets it can no longer be fired, and when all three launchers run out, that sector will soon be destroyed. Below each rocket launcher is an indicator showing the remaining ammo:

Ammo display showing how many rockets remain


Powerups will parachute down from the top of the screen. To get the powerup you simply shoot it down with the rockets, and it is important to get them all because any powerup that makes it to the ground becomes a bomb and will explode, possibly taking out one of the buildings.

Here is the list of all the powerups and what they do:


Gives you 1500 points

Bigger Boom

Upgrades your rockets to make a larger, more deadly fireball. This lasts for 20 seconds.

Mega Boom

Creates a single explosion with a huge blast wave that will knock out almost every warhead on the screen!


Sends out an Ammo Cart to the launcher with the least ammo to re-stock it.

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