Pangea Arcade


You can get to the game's Preferences Dialog two different ways: You can click the PREFS button on the game's menu screen, or you can press the F1 key at almost any time.

The Language pop-up menu will allow you to select which language you want the game's text to appear in. Note: not all text has been localized yet, so much will still appear in English.

The Floating Camera Motion option for Warheads will turn on/off the floating camera effect in the game. With it off, it will be easier to target the incoming missiles, but with it on, it looks really cool!

The Mouse Sensitivity option for Fireworms sets the sensitivity of the mouse when controlling the player with it. The mouse is not the recommended way to control the player, the keyboard is, but this is provided as a convenience to players who really insist on trying to use the mouse.

The Voice Recognition option is off by default, and it should pretty much always stay that way. We threw in some voice recognition into the game just as a fun feature, but it is not practical and it eats up needed CPU time. Click here for more information on the voice recognition features.

The 3D Audio option is for users with full surround sound setups on their Mac. It tells OpenAL to play the sound effects in 3D space. Turning this option on with only 2 speakers causes the audio to sound "tinny" and hollow. For normal setups with just 1 or 2 speakers you should turn this feature off.

If the Show Video Settings Dialog on next launch is checked then the next time you launch the game the Video Configuration Dialog will appear.

Clear High Scores does what it implies: it will erase all of the current high scores for all three games.

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